MAC Ocean City Blush Ombre Review

MAC Ocean City Blush

Hello everyone! It’s a Wednesday again and I feel like another coral should be on the menu.

Today, I’m going to share with you my thoughts regarding the second ombre blush I bought from the MAC x Proenza Schouler collection. I have already reviewed Sunset Beach earlier.

The Review:

MAC Ocean City Blush2

Ocean City is described as a vivid orange ombre into tan. Again, I divided the blush into three equal parts. It starts off as a peachy tan then goes on to become a peachy coral before finally ending as a coral-pink. All three shades combined result in a lovely medium shade of coral with peachy undertones and a satin finish.

Just like the other Ombre Blush I reviewed (Sunset Beach), the upper layer of this blush is stiff and a little dry. Scrape off the top part and you get a softer powder that’s more blendable. This is also buildable but I have noticed how I have to swirl my brush a few more times in the pan before I can get it to show on my face compared with the other shade. Also, this one is better applied with a denser brush, e.g. buffing brush. For a barely-there blush, would you believe it lasted for as long as 9 hours on me before fading?

MAC Ocean City Blush swatch

Between this one and Sunset Beach, I’m a little undecided about which one I like more. Sunset Beach is more pigmented but Ocean City has coral tones in it! Hmm, decisions, decisions.

While the quality is not the same as my much-favored extra dimension blushes or MAC’s regular blushes, I quite like them. How about you?


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