MAC Sunset Beach Blush Ombre Review

MAC Sunset Beach Blush

Ombre blushes. I’ve never had any. Before I got obsessed with makeup, I never knew such a thing existed. Or how beautiful they would look in the pan.

Two weeks ago, my haul from the MAC x Proenza Schouler collection came in the mail. I was so excited to start my week with them and took more time than usual in giving my final thoughts. You’ll find out why.

The Review:

MAC Sunset Beach Blush2

Packaging wise, I love the shiny metallic compacts with the colorful spectrum but my inner OC tendencies go haywire everytime I use any of them because it seems impossible not to leave any fingerprints. As of now, both compacts are literally littered with my fingerprints across the surface! They’re not scratch proof either.

Sunset Beach is described as a pink coral ombre into tan. Divided in three equal parts, the blush can be viewed as a cool-toned pink going to a darker medium pink then finally, a slightly warm-toned pink. Combining all three shades, I get a medium cool-toned pink with a satin finish. I keep hoping that the overall shade would be more like the third swatch below because I can’t keep my eyes off it. It stood out among the rest.

MAC Sunset Beach Blush swatch

I was vividly reminded of my experience with the Hibiscuss Kiss Blush Duo released last 2013 from one of Rihanna’s collection. This blush was also stiff but not as dry and the pigmentation is loads more forgiving. Once you scrape off the upper layers, the product is more manageable. It’s definitely buildable and it just takes little time to blend it on my skin. My usual blush brush did not work with this one from the first try. Like, I said, the upper layer was a little stiff. I tried what Temptalia did and used a buffing blush instead and that worked fine. Having gotten past the top layers of this blush, now I can use the blush brush just as well. It lasts on me for 9 and a half hours before fading, which I believe is one of its redeeming qualities.

I think I get a part of the reason for Temptalia‘s frustration with this product and why she rated this so poorly. I don’t think it deserves an F though. That was just too harsh. Even if I agree with her on some points, there are also some nice things I can say about this product. And at the end of the day, I find myself liking this blush. The pigmentation and shades are all lovely. Patience is the key with this product, I believe.

Have you tried this ombre blush from MAC? Any good dupes you’d recommend?


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17 thoughts on “MAC Sunset Beach Blush Ombre Review

  1. It looks great because its square, and the gradient is pretty to look at… I’m a pass on this one but it doesn’t seem like an “F” based on how you described it.

    Anyway, do you have any recommendations for blushes that are not VERY pigmented? Most people seem to like “pigment” a lot but I like something I can build up.


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