Game Changer Series Vol.3: Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I used to apply my liquid foundations with my fingers. You know the drill, warm the foundation up first before blending it on your face. For my powder foundations, yes, I used to pat them with the sponges that come with the compacts.

Now, I have nothing against using fingers for any cream or liquid foundation formulation. In a way, it’s quick and easy plus it has no additional hassle about regularly washing it once every week, although you do have to wash your hands first before applying any kind of facial product. And it never crossed my mind that a brush can be better.

Then one day, I came across a review of the Real Techniques brushes and I got curious. I mean, they are invented by the Chapman sisters, both professional makeup artists! Ordering and unboxing those brushes changed my life but this Game Changer post is all about the Buffing Brush. 

The Experience:

Real Techniques Buffing Brush2

The Buffing Brush is part of the 4-piece Core Collection Brush Set from Real Techniques that also includes the Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush and the Contour Brush. Among the 4 brushes, it was the Buffing Brush that got the most use. From liquid to powder foundations, tinted moisturizers, BB creams, setting powder, blushes and bronzers, it was the Buffing Brush that applied all those flawlessly and seamlessly on my face.

Basically, it is a flat top, densely-packed kabuki brush that works whatever product you use into your skin. Being the first brush I’ve experienced that actually delivered the promise and went beyond my expectations, I was truly and immediately impressed. From the first time I held it to my face, I couldn’t forget how soft the synthetic bristles are. I mostly prefer to use it to buff and blend my foundation mainly because it’s just a dream and it’s so fast compared to how I remember using my fingers. I’ve washed it several times and not once did it shed or bled.

I’ve long since moved on to the Expert Face Brush but on the rare occasion that it doesn’t dry as fast as I want it to after a thorough washing, I revert back to picking up the Buffing Brush instead.

Not once have I gone back to using my fingers since I was introduced to the Buffing Brush. I’ve seen how a good quality brush can make all the difference application-wise. And for that, this brush will always have a place in my vanity table.

The Core Collection retails for $18 at Real Techniques online.


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8 thoughts on “Game Changer Series Vol.3: Real Techniques Buffing Brush

  1. I swear I look at that pack of brushes every time I am in the pharmacy but always justify that I don’t need brushes but can do it with my hands – it may actually be time to buy them! 🙂


  2. I have been eyeing this brush for a few weeks now, I want to get it to use with liquid concealer. It sounds awesome, I’m definitely going to have to pick it up now!


  3. I’ve been eyeing these brushes too, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet 😉 I really like using my fingers for liquid face products, but I would like a good brush for powder blushes…


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