Game Changer Series Vol.2: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation


     an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.

I love the idea of makeup that you can barely feel. More so when it doesn’t look like you’ve got any on.

My first encounter with a lightweight foundation was from Urban Decay. After the success of their Naked Palettes, Urban Decay began expanding their ‘Naked’ line starting with a foundation. As someone who had a great experience with the palettes, I just had to jump into that foundation bandwagon.

The Promise:

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation4

Whoever said ‘you can’t have the best of both worlds’ never tried Naked Skin. Not only does our new light-as-air foundation give you the buildable coverage you desire – it also looks and feels like you’re wearing absolutely nothing.

Naked Skin uses light-diffusing spheres to ‘blur’ imperfections for a luminous, demi-matte finish that feels invisible but looks professionally retouched. Naked Skin is oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and loaded with nourishing ingredients: 

  • Matrixyl 3000-Anti-wrinkle and lifting peptides restore and maintain skin’s youthful appearance while increasing elasticity.
  • Litchiderm (derived from lychee fruit) – Protects the skin from dehydration, oxidative stress and accelerated aging, resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion.
  • Green Tea & Vitamin E – These anti-oxidants neutralize free-radicals and promote collagen production for smooth and supple skin.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – Holds and attracts water for optimal hydration, circulation and nutrient absorption, making skin smooth, soft and youthful.

Our range of 18 meticulously calibrated shades use a numbering system to help you choose your perfect match. Shades ending in ‘.0’ are warm (yellow/olive undertones). Shades ending in ‘.5’ are cool (rosy/neutral undertones).

For professional results, we recommend you apply, buff and blur your way to a flawless finish with our Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush. Designed specifically for Naked Skin, the densely packed shape of this amazing brush distributes makeup evenly and perfectly buffs out the light-diffusing spheres for a soft-focus finish. Don’t have the brush? You can also apply using your fingers or sponge – Naked Skin always blends beautifully.

The Experience:

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation2
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation3

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup (whew! what a mouthful) comes in a glass bottle with a metallic pump and cap. The bottle itself is a lightweight compared to the previous foundations I have reviewed here. Before use, you have to shake the bottle and you’ll hear the sound of the mixing ball inside.

They have a total of 18 shades and those that end with “.0” tend to go warm while the ones that end with “.5” tend to be cool-toned. I chose shade 3.5 because I have a neutral-to-cool skin tone and it’s the second lightest in the range for cool-toned people — shade 0.5 is just too light for me. Shade 3.5 would’ve been the best match if not for the fact that it’s a tiny wee bit darker than than my pale face. But worry not, this foundation has actually a light to medium coverage that blends well with my skin.

After blending, it settles into a semi-matte finish that feels lightweight — I am very much amazed. It looks like skin and it blurred out some of the dark spots I had. Sadly, concealer is still very much needed for my most recent post-acne marks. On my oily face, it gives me at least 5-6 hours of wear before I see it fading. And I only get 4 hours of wear until my face gets all greasy and in desperate need of powdering.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation swatch

All good things come to an end they say. And this foundation’s winning streak certainly ended into an abrupt halt because the day is not even done and I can already feel an eruption of break outs coming. It’s the silicones, I tell you! My sensitive skin riots with this foundation formula. It’s too bad I didn’t suspect I had sensitive skin earlier or else I would not have purchased this.

Sadly, I can’t finish this bottle at all. I like the idea of a lightweight foundation but the break outs I keep on having every time I use this is not worth it. But did this stop me from looking into other lightweight foundation formulas? No, it did not. My experience with this may not have been as pleasant as I wanted it to be but now, I do prefer lightweight, skin-like foundations.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation retails for $39 at Sephora and Urban Decay online. Worried about finding your skin shade match? They have a guide to help you here.


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9 thoughts on “Game Changer Series Vol.2: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

  1. Awww, I’m so sorry to hear that it broke you out everytime! I’m very very keen on trying this because it’s so raved about!


  2. Err sayang 😦 I’ve been meaning to buy this pa naman. I swatched the 6.0 from a friend and it’s a perfect match and I fell in love with the texture. But huhu silicones huhuhu


  3. Such a shame that it doesn’t agree with your skin! 😦 I’ve been curious about this foundation for a long time, but I’m never quite convinced that the lightest shade will be light enough. Since I have to order it from the states over the internet, I feel I will never know… 😛


  4. omg, sayang! I was excited when I was reading about all the good thing you said until I read about the breakouts. 😦 a friend of mine was raving about this too but I decided not to purchase just yet because it takes such a long time for me to use up foundations.


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