MAC Cult Favorites | Flamingo, Razzledazzler and Cockney

MAC Cult Favorites

MAC recently re-released some previous limited edition lipsticks to become a part of their permanent collection. A total of 15 “popular” shades added as permanent at all MAC counters. Lipstick lovers rejoice!

I have with me 3 of the 15. Each bought separately at different times and places. And I’m just going to share them with you today.

MAC Razzledazzler

Razzledazzler is described as a light cream peach. It pulls a light peachy-coral shade on me. It was re-promoted as part of the MAC All About Orange Collection last year. If you live somewhere in Asia, it’s already a part of the permanent collection.

MAC Flamingo

Flamingo is described as a light milky bright coral. It has a slight warm undertone with more pink in it than coral and was also a part of the MAC All About Orange Collection.

MAC Cockney

Cockney is described as a sheer yellow red with multi-dimensional pearl. It’s a warm-toned, light to medium red with golden microshimmers. This shade has been re-promoted several times in different collections. The most recent was the Year of the Snake, hence the snakeprint pattern embossed around its body.

Razzledazzler. Flamingo. Cockney. All Lustres.

Among the various MAC finishes, the Lustres are the most forgiving on my dry-as-the-desert lips. They go very sheer and have an astounding sheen to them. Comparing these three, Flamingo has the shortest wear time, 2 hours minimum and is the least pigmented. Cockney is the most pigmented out of the bunch and lasts 4-5 hours on me. Razzledazzler is about average, 3 hours of wear time at most.

MAC Cult Favorites swatch

I can come up with a few more shades I would petition to MAC to join the permanent range like Watch Me Simmer, Party Parrot, Ronnie Red, and Pleasure Bomb. I can go on, just give me time but that’s my top 4 — wait, top 5, add Heaux to the list. Maybe MAC will add them next time? Crossing all my fingers for that possiblity.

These Cult Favorites are available at NordstromΒ for $16.


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22 thoughts on “MAC Cult Favorites | Flamingo, Razzledazzler and Cockney

  1. Ugh these colors!!! ❀ And yes, I agree that MAC should've made Watch Me Simmer and Party Parrot permanent na. I have Heaux and PB and I love them! Hahaha! Can you post your MAC lipsticks, pretty puhlease? πŸ˜€


  2. OH MY GOD!! Ronnie Red???? Do you think they’ll release it in the same Archie packaging? Hahaha well I wish. I don’t like MAC Lustres but Cockney’s a pretty color πŸ™‚


  3. Hey Nikki, Razzledazzler is so my thing! I do hope the shade you mentioned will be brought back as well. Kinda hate myself for missing out on Watch Me Simmer!


  4. I’ve had my eye on Flamingo for the longest but I always hesitate when I’m about to give in and purchase haha!

    Razzledazzler, though…. tempting!!


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