Going HD with Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation (Old Formula) OC-1

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

The Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation could not have come at a better time.

I had the flu. My nose was runny with snot and red from constantly blowing. All I wanted to do was sleep all day and drink some juice.

Because of Shari, Victoria and Rae (you girls, you’re going to be the death of my wallet), I was immediately sold on their praises of the lightweight formula and natural-skin finish. Meaning, I just had to get one myself. The sale at Beauty Bar may have been over last March but these foundations are still being sold at 45% off. I believe they are still selling this at a discounted price up until the last bottle is gone because KGD has reformulated their Aqua Foundations.

Unfortunately not all Beauty Bar branches sell Koh Gen Do. Third time’s the charm they say. On the third branch I went to, at Glorietta 2, Makati, they still have most shades except OC-1.

Because the last bottle was sold to me. (Insert evil laugh here.)

The Promise:

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation3

Aqua Foundation is made with the deep sea waters of Rausu, Japan.
It balances the conditions of ions on the skin surface with rich minerals and nutrients.These minerals are close in composition of the human body which makes it easier to absorb and moisturize efficiently.

True ‘luster’ can only be seen on skin that is brimming with moisture. We achieved the proper balance of moisture to bring you this truly lustrous look. The golden ratio of 45% water, 35% emollients, and 20% powder combined for the perfect balance. Too much moisture does not provide coverage. Our goal was to create a beautiful lustrous skin with a translucent finish with enough coverage, even throughout the long, harsh film shots.

The effective use of light is crucial for a beautiful skin. Especially uneven surfaces that cannot be covered with makeup are mostly erased by light effects. We focused on the unique Strobe Illuminator formula with RGB Powder Technology.

Silicones and polarizing pearl pigments used in makeup emit light that are unnatural. In the studios when shooting, this will create shades of pores. Covering your skin surface with a film of light will bring you the natural translucent look.
The RGB Powder Technology uses the effect of the RGB color model (additive primary color model). Having this effect, in other words covering your skin with this thin translucent layer, will minimize pores and imperfections for that satin-smooth skin… under any light. (Found on the Beauty Professor)

The Review:

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation2
Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation4

The Koh Gen Do (“Cope Get Dough”) Aqua Foundation is housed in a frosted glass bottle with a gunmetal cover (very chic!). It’s quite heavy by itself and would be a bit bulky for travel. Oh, the horrors that you can imagine about what would happen should you carry this in your bag and the bottle shatters. This baby is staying right on my vanity table. No travels for you buddy!

The consistency is thicker than the MUFE Face & Body but thinner than most foundations and still easy enough to blend. Coverage is between light to medium. For one pump, I can have a light coverage to hide slight imperfections but not necessarily conceal them. But the red areas on my cheeks are toned down and my face looks like I’ve got healthier, glowing skin (despite the nasty cold). For two pumps, I get medium coverage — post-acne marks are concealed — but still look natural and not foundation-like. After blending, the foundation totally melds with my skin and and settles down to a semi-matte, skin-like, flawless finish. Pore coverage is awesome! I don’t need a separate primer to fill them in. The KGD Aqua Foundation has got my back.

Also, I feel like I’ve got a glow. Something like what I usually see in those Japanese and Korean actresses on TV (Have you noticed their skin? It’s almost perfect!). I wore it the first time without any primer and setting powder. The glow is not sebum, I swear. I was oil-free for 4 hours, after which my T-zone was a little dewy (this time by oil) by the 5th hour and the foundation lasted a total of 7 hours.

The following day I only added my favorite Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer Light. Shine-free for 5-6 hours with the foundation lasting for 8 hours. On the third day, I did the whole shebang — primer + KGD foundation + setting powder — and, oh my lawd, lasted me the whole day until the time I had to take it off. Only had to blot once. How’s that for oil control and staying power?

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation OC1 swatch

I swatched BE-1, OC-1 and PK-0 on my arm for comparison at the store. My apologies for the poor store lighting. I chose OC-1 because it looked more neutral as compared to BE-1 which has a more yellow undertone. PK-0 is, without a doubt, for those with a cool undertone.

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation comparison swatches

I am so loving the formula — two thumbs up for this one — I went back to get matched with the new Maifanshi Aqua Foundation. Beauty Bar might have another sale soon.

From the original price of Php 2,750, it is now discounted to Php 1,512.50 at selected Beauty Bar stores. Go get one while it’s still available or order online here.

P.S.: KGD is a cruelty-free brand.

Koh Gen Do employs the In Vitro safety testing method. It has been accepted as a substitute for animal testing and is used worldwide as a scientifically reliable method to test the safety of a product.  Still, many cosmetics manufacturers continue to use animals for testing despite the availability of the In Vitro method.

Okay, now I get why one 3omL bottle costs $62.
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18 thoughts on “Going HD with Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation (Old Formula) OC-1

  1. Hi Nikki!! Been trying to find that KGD old formula too. They don’t sell KGD daw kasi in Alabang Town Center where I went then I tried in Paseo in Sta. Rosa of course, they didn’t carry it too. Do they still have OC-2? What shade are you pala in MAC if you don’t mind? I’m an NC30, however, my face (I think lang ha is mejo neutral naman) I want to get sana the OC-2 but I’m fearing mejo malakas ang yellow undertone? I might order kasi in ALabang Town Center they will ship in a week from other stores so no time for me to swatch. Thank you!


  2. I’ve been tempted to buy this foundation (Hello, Ate Shari and Ate Becs!), but it’s definitely not for me. I’m all about full (but not heavy) coverage. I hope the new version has more of a coverage! 🙂


  3. So glad you are loving this Nikki! I agree with the pore-refining quality — which I think I missed out on saying when it’s one of its mega features. I mean, the coverage isn’t even ‘medium’ for some but the texture and finish on the skin is incredible. 🙂 Loved your review on this! And thanks for the link love!


  4. Sounds like you’re loving it! 😀

    Their advertising spiel is full of so much rambling rubbish, however – can’t people just let an awesome foundation speak for itself? 🙂


  5. Hey Nikki! I got the OC-2 na! Called Beauty Bar Shang, Podium, Glorietta, Greenbelt they’re all sold out. Galleria they don’t carry KGD good thing they have pa at Eastwood and I attended a convention near the area so I went and got it! Sulit ang dayo. The formulation is really nice and light nga =)


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