Tanning with a Mohawke from Topshop

Topshop Bronzer Mohawke3

A good matte bronzer is hard to find, even more so, a bronzer that neither looks too orange or too muddy.

Enter Google and type in the words ‘best matte bronzers’.

What do the results yield? Plenty, I tell you. There’s Too Faced, NYX, NYC, Cargo, to name a few. But all were too warm-toned. Topshop wasn’t even among the top mentioned. I did happen to see Pearls and Poodles’ review with one. And she looked absolutely beautiful in it so why not?

The Promise:

A soft matte, silky-smooth bronzer that instantly gives skin the look of a natural tan.

The Review:

Topshop Bronzer Mohawke
Topshop Bronzer Mohawke2

Topshop Bronzers are available in 2 shades only, Sandcastle and Mohawke and while there are only a handful of reviews about them — even some without swatches, I braved myself to go for the darker one.

Any regrets? Nope. Nada. Zilch.

Packaging is simple but feels very sturdy. It is housed in a metallic silver compact with a mirror included. The bronzer itself has an embossed ‘Topshop’ label across the pan. It is absolutely matte with none of that shimmer business. Perfect for subtle contouring for all those contour beginners out there.

Mohawke, the darker of the two shades, can be described as a neutral matte brown. Get that? Neutral and matte. It has a soft, buttery and finely-milled texture and is neither chalky nor powdery at all (we just hate those, don’t we?). You can build the color up so I think this will best suit those with light to medium skintones. It may look a bit warm-toned on my swatch but that’s only because of the lighting. Take my word for it. The color is true to pan. What you see on the photo on the compact is what you’ll get.

Topshop Bronzer Mohawke swatch

Seriously, I cannot stress its neutrality enough for those scared of warm- and yellow-toned bronzers.

Staying power is average. I see some signs of fading after the 6th hour. This would’ve gotten a two thumbs up from me if it lasted at least 8 hours.

One swirl on the pan with my RT Blush Brush is enough to pick up the color and give my face a ‘natural-tan’ look. Totally perfect for summer. No fallout or powder dust getting kicked up everywhere in the process.

This retails for $18 at Nordstrom. (Pity they don’t have the powder blushes available yet.)

Any good matte bronzers you’ve discovered recently? Or any Topshop Beauty items?


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15 thoughts on “Tanning with a Mohawke from Topshop

  1. Hmm…I’ve been wondering about experimenting with a matte contour…perhaps the lighter shade of this duo might work? I know there’s one TopShop store here in Auckland…I wonder if they stock the makeup too?


  2. Hey Nikki, wow this IS very neutral! I bet it’d look natural on many! If this is the darker shade though, I think they’re designed for fairer girls. I kinda doubt the lighter one will even show up on me 😉


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