Summer Loving: Waterproof Beauty

Beach essentials1

I can feel the beginnings of summer here in the Philippines. It’s that time of the year again when the temperature unexpectedly skyrockets to more than 30 degree Celsius and the humidity? Oh man, the humidity. I’m sweating buckets right now just thinking of how humid it will be. Well, it just so happens that a few of my friends and I will going away for the weekend to a little beach resort in Batangas to cool down and relax. Oh yeah!

Aside from the usual beach gear that I pack with me (swimsuit, sunglasses, flip-flops, etc.), I’m going to share with you my other “necessities”. The ones I never fail to bring when the sun, sand, sea and blue skies are calling out my name.

Two words to clue you in. Waterproof makeup.

Say what?! Who wears makeup to the beach? Ehmm, I do.

Beach essentials2
  • Make Up For Ever Face and Body Foundation. They say it’s waterproof. I know someone who actually tried it out. She messaged me all the way from Boracay just to tell me how the foundation stayed on after she swam the whole day. But you know what they say, “Seeing is believing.” I just had to test it myself. And what better way to prove the truth to the claim than this weekend. Expect me to write a review when I get back.
  • Benefit Benetint. Rosy cheeks and lips from staying out in the sun? This lip and cheek tint has got me covered. It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone.
  • Maybelline Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara. The only waterproof mascara from Maybelline I own and the only one I need. When it comes to waterproof mascaras, Maybelline has no shortage of them.
  • Artdeco Soft Eye Liner Waterproof. Summer is the only season when I experiment on colorful eyeliners. This time, I’m going for a little blue color on my eyes.

Before I forget anything else, I’ll also share with you my trusted sunblock, the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock with SPF50+. It’s lightweight, waterproof, sweat proof and not sticky at all. I’ve worn this under my makeup and it still feels comfortable. And the lips too, if you will. A lip balm with SPF is the way to go.

For more inspiration on waterproof makeup, watch Michelle Phan’s, “Waterproof Your Makeup”

or Lisa Eldridge’s Beach Makeup tutorial:

So will you be trying out some waterproof makeup soon? And what are your beach essentials?
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19 thoughts on “Summer Loving: Waterproof Beauty

  1. I’m so happy you did this! Living in arizona gets pretty hot too and sweat-proof is hard to come by when you sweat an ocean. Thank you thank you thank you! Xo


  2. Benetint is awesome stuff. It’s my go-to when I want to improve the colour/performance of another lip product, or I want something easy and long-lasting!

    Can’t wait to hear about how the foundation perfomed – hope you have a great trip!

    Yay for Lisa 🙂


  3. Beach makeup wearers unite, plz! Haha. It’s not like we wear full on makeup anyway so whatevz, keribellz! Haha. I skip on eyeliner and mascara though for fear of looking like a racoon when it fails to be waterproof pala (I’ve had one too many incidents to prove this LOL).

    OMGOSH gurl love the bikini!!! 🙂 Enjoy summer and the beach, babe!


  4. I second Shari. I adore the bikini! And ooh, tell me if the MUFE foundation is any good. I swatched a handful of shades from the MUFE HD line and all of them oxidizes badly on my hand (so what more on my face) and all of them appeared too pink against my yellow undertone. So sad 😦


  5. I have mac face and body foundation. I don’t wear makeup to the beach but I might, for blogging purposes.

    Anyway, how will you go about applying your sunblock and foundation? And then reapplying sunblock?


    • Good question Rae. I usually just put on bb creams when I go to the beach. This is the first time I’m trying a foundation.

      On normal days, I just apply the sunblock once. This time I was able to reapply my sunblock over my foundation but in smaller sections. I think waterproof formulas work better with sunblocks.


  6. Hey Nikki, oh wow, a waterproof foundation? I’ve never looked into that! I’d probably just go with a BB cream or tinted moisturizer that has an SPF for some extra protection 😉 I don’t use waterproof mascara that much anymore! I used to use ONLY waterproof ones. Now I have just found mascaras that stay on without being hard to remove, so I’ve got lazy. I am however, really looking forward to trying the WP version of Dior Iconic Overcurl and Guerlain Cils d’Enfer!


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