NARS Matte Multiple in Altai

NARS Matte Multiple Altai3

I was one of the people who was excited for the release of the new matte Multiples from NARS. I mean, finally a Multiple without the shimmer or glitter. It’s something to rejoice about especially for anyone who has an oily skin and larger-than-life pores.

When I got my order, I immediately unboxed Altai. I kept thinking, “This measly thing for $39? WT-?!?!?” Some part of me was disappointed. And it seemed that my disappointment did not stop there.

The Promise:
NARS Matte Multiple Altai

Next Wave Makeup Artistry for Lips and Cheeks

Vibrant pops and sensual sun-kissed modern matte hues for lips and cheeks. Used dry it delivers a burst of high-impact color; used wet, color melts into skin with an imperceptibly smooth, sheer finish.

How to Use:
Dry Application: High-Impact Finish
· Apply directly from the stick to cheeks or lips and blend with fingertips.
· May also be applied by tapping Matte Multiple with fingertips and blending product onto cheeks or lips.

Wet Application: Sheer Finish
· Dampen fingertips, then tap Matte Multiple and blend product onto cheeks or lips for an ultra smooth, second-skin effect.

The Review:
NARS Matte Multiple Altai2

I’ve seen the regular Multiples. They have a huge amount of product, 0.50 oz in fact. And compared to the matte ones, reduced to 0.26oz (disappointment #1) for the same price, what was NARS thinking??? Packaging is the same as the old Multiples albeit a thinner version of it.

Altai is described as a rose-bronze. When I think of rose-bronze, what actually comes to mind is a slightly cool-toned bronze. I thought, even without seeing initial swatches and reviews, that it might be a good contour shade for my pale face. I did not expect it to be warmer in my swatch as compared to the color in the tube (disappointment #2).

The product itself is creamy and easy to blend on the cheeks. It does work as a subtle contouring shade on me. It has a semi-matte finish and lasts quite a while, about 8 hours on me. I did layer it a few times to get the desired effect I want below my cheekbones. And it adds a pleasant overall warmth when I apply it as a cream bronzer. I suspect that a little will go a long way with the other shades.

NARS Matte Multiple Altai swatch

I just don’t advise using it on the lips. Well, at least in my case, they are very drying, uncomfortable and cling to dry patches (disappointment #3). Once was enough for a test-drive, never again.

Will it stop me from purchasing other shades? Probably not. Anguilla, Laos, Exumas and Siam all look gorgeous from swatches I’ve seen around. I do want to have them as some point but defeinitely not now. The $39 pricetag is a little too steep for a 0.026 oz Multiple in my opinion.

If NARS decides to change something about this product, I vouch either adding more product or decreasing the price. And I bet other beauty fanatics will also want the same thing to happen.

The Matte Multiples are available at NARS online, Sephora and Nordstrom.

Have you tried the new matte Multiples from NARS?

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8 thoughts on “NARS Matte Multiple in Altai

  1. I’d been hoping that this one might be a contour shade for me to try (I’ve never done contouring before because I’m so pale/cool), but it seems too warm. I have refreshed hopes for the Olympia Duo, though…


  2. When I first found out about these I wanted to try them really bad, but now that I know about the price for the amount of product I admit that I’m very reluctant now. Still, maybe my cheap side will end up losing out to my OMG IT’S SO PRETTY SIDE eventually. In any case, thanks for the review, it was very helpful 🙂


  3. Nikki!! Thanks for the review 🙂 I’ve cancelled my thoughts on purchasing these for the first reason.. so small for $39!! 😐 I’d have to wait for these to be available in counter though so I can try it for myself.. esp the shades. Want to get a contouring one too since Im almost out of my Laguna powder. The contour duo is interesting too!! And the new single eyeshadows!


      • Hi Shari. I think the matte Multiples will be available this April(?) sa Rustan’s.

        For your 2nd question, I have a friend (makeup addict din) who buys online in the US. She ships them via Forex Cargo, always the jumbo box. Nagpapasabay lang ako sa kanya minsan. I just pay for the things I order thru her, no extra charges like the online sellers here. It may take 1-2 months but it’s certainly cheaper.


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