Narsissist Eye Palette | The Review

Narsissist Eye Palette2

As promised, I am finally going to lay down the review I owe you guys about the Narsissist Eye Palette.

I’ve already read a lot of mixed reviews regarding this palette. Some good, some bad. Some high expectations falling flat considering that NARS’ best selling shades together in this palette have a different performance compared to the originals. I’m not an expert on NARS eyeshadow singles or duos. I don’t collect them like I do with their lip pencils. The eyeshadows I get usually comes in palettes. And so far, I don’t have a problem with them.

The Promise:

Connect with captivating colors that will have all eyes following you. Ready to wear everyday– 15 signature eyeshadow shades every NARSissist adores.

The Review:

Dun dun dun. And here it is.

Narsissist Eye Palette comparison
Package comparisons. On the right, a regular blush. Below, a NARS palette. 


The palette feels less like the usual NARS packaging. I placed another NARS compact beside this and noticed a distinct difference. This eye palette seems less rubbery to me, more smooth in comparison to the compact of my NARS blushes. or maybe because it’s brand new? Hmm, either way, I hope this one won’t attract as much dust as the others.

Narsissist Eye Palette3
The ingredient list of each shadows

To test these out. I purposely did several eye looks, one look for one whole day. It’s ridiculous how much I go back to the mirror to check signs of creasing and fading. Take note that I did not try them out with a primer to fully test how these beauties will hold up. (Especially now that it feels more like summer is around the corner here in the Philippines — the air is more humid than ever.) And oh boy, did they.

On the first four days, I decided to pick at least 4 new shades to try out until I have tested them all out. Good thing they all work well with each other.

Now, let’s get down to business shall we?

Day 1: Nepal on my upper lid, Fez on the outer corner, Coconut Grove on the crease, All About Eve I on the brow bone

Day 2: Madrague II on the upper lid, Ashes to Ashes on the inner corner of the eye, Brousse II on the crease and outer corner, Bellissima I on the browbone

Day 3: Lhasa on the lid, Bad Behavior on the crease, Dogon II on the outer corner, Pandora as eyeliner, Nepal on the center of the upper lid for a subtle golden-peach to offset the dark shades

Day 4: Madrague I on the lid, Mekong on the outer third corner, Bali on the crease, Fez for a little bronze dimension on the center of the upper lid

I wish I can post the looks I did with this palette but shaky hands and poor lighting can only capture a picture with poor quality. (But I promise, one day, I will get to do a decent EOTD/FOTD and a whole lotta -OTD’s.)

This is not a review of each and individual shade. Temptalia has that up on her site if you want details and comparisons. This is more of my opinion regarding the palette. For my own swatches, see them here.

If there was ever a shade that stood out in terms of pigmentation and longevity, one deserving of an award, it’s Fez. It quickly became a favorite even when I was swatching it on the first day I got it. The texture was soft and buttery, it was easy to blend and lasted me for 9 hours straight.

The others were pretty decent lasting an average of 7 and a half hours without fading or creasing, some even going as far as the 8th hour. After Fez, also notable were Nepal, Bad Behavior, and Madrague I and II.

One thing I experienced with the darker shades was that I had a bit of difficulty in applying — a few were patchy — and blending some of them like Dogon II and Bali. The least difficult were Coconut Grove and Mekong. Or maybe I’m just not the most experienced when it comes to blending? Hmm, meh. The others were so-so, average in its performance compared to the others.

For those who own the singles and duos, you probably don’t need this palette to add to your collection.  But for moi, it’s perfect and easy to take with me everytime I travel instead of carrying several individual shadows around. All 15 of NARS’ signature eyeshadow shades in one easy-to-go palette? Why not right? Add the fact that even without a primer, these performed quite well.

Based on the performance of this palette and its individual shadows, I’d likely purchase the following single/ duo eyeshadows: Fez, Madrague, Nepal and Bad Behavior. For the rest? I might have to stop by a NARS counter and swatch the individual shades before making my final judgement. They are NARS signature shades after all.

Do you own this palette? How was your experience with it? Any favorites?

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14 thoughts on “Narsissist Eye Palette | The Review

      • Hi emae! I don’t own the singles/duos kaya I went for this palette. It’s pretty okay compared to other palettes I have but if you’re going for the quality, I suggest the singles/duos. Hope that helps. 🙂


  1. I’ve read a lot of reviews saying that the single pans that they have (ones of the same shade) are far better than the ones on this palette. So I think I’ll just go for the singles or the duos. It still looks very tempting though. Haha.


  2. I read mixed reviews about this too and I understand why some people may not like it. But I think it’s perfect for us to get introduced to nars eyeshadows esp those that aren’t really much of an eyeshadow person (like me)


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