Chanel Rouge Allure 136 Melodieuse

Chanel Melodieuse3

I caved in, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

The moment I saw Shari’s swatches of the lipsticks from Chanel Notes de Printemps Collection, I had a feeling it will only be moments before I make the purchase. A few more enablers here and there, some pros and cons written down at the back of some paper, and here I am, with the Rouge Allure Melodieuse in my hands.

Can anyone blame me? First of all, it’s a coral. Remember my love for corals awhile back?

Anyhow, a little bit of information on moi regarding Chanel, the Rouge Allure lipstick line is one of my favorites from Chanel. (That, and a few others.) Pigmentation-wise, I have no objections. The packaging? Total luxury.

The Collection:

Chanel Melodieuse

Notes de Printemps

Spring makeup strikes a colorful chord with light, joyful notes by CHANEL. At its heart, the collection, a chorus of fresh, luminous reds, sets the season’s tone for cheeks, lips and fingertips.

The Promise:

The next generation of ROUGE ALLURE dresses lips with unmistakable attitude. The formula includes concentrated, ultra-thin pigments to offer radically intense color with full coverage and a satin finish, leaving lips supple and protected with lasting comfort.

The Review:

Chanel Melodieuse2

Melodieuse is described as a bright coral red. On the tube, maybe. I can clearly see the red undertone under direct sunlight but really, it translates to more of a pinky coral on the lips. One swipe offers medium coverage that’s buildable. I get a fuller (is there such a thing?) pinky-coral shade — and sometimes, there are days when I see the red undertone — easily with two swipes of this. Application is easy-breezy due to the creaminess of the lipstick.Β It wears for a full 4 hours with no feathering before I had to reapply. Although it applies lightly and comfortably, it was neither drying nor hydrating on me, something I can solve with a dab of lip balm before slicking this on. Also, it has a light perfume-y scent that’s very particular to Chanel lipsticks.

Chanel Melodieuse swatch

Can you see the red undertone?

In all honesty, I was a bit disappointed with Melodieuse. Well, just a tiny, wee “bit”. I’m still mildly in with love it though. I just had higher expectations when I came across the words “bright coral red” and judging from some arm swatches I’ve seen across the web, it gets the description brightΒ across. And I was ever so hopeful when other photos show hints of red peeking through.

This retails for $35, available in all Chanel counters and Php 1,650 in Rustan’s Beauty Source here in the Philippines. But… I bought mine from an online seller, @Klangsboutique for Php 1500 sign


21 thoughts on “Chanel Rouge Allure 136 Melodieuse

  1. I wanted to get this, but after trying it in store a few days ago, I decided to pass. For some reasons it applies very patchy on my lips and the color is borderline neon pink with my completion. I really wanted to like it though, it looked so pretty in the tube and on the review photos I saw online.


  2. Oh you! I was just checking out Chanel lipsticks. But of course, I checked the matte line. If ever I will proceed with buying, it is going to be my first product from them πŸ˜› Thinking of getting L’Exuberante, La Caline, or La Sensuelle. I can’t decide.

    Too bad you didn’t like this. If that photo is accurate, I don’t see too much red. May it’s a red coral, than a coral red.


  3. Hey Nikki, I’m sorry to hear this isn’t bright enough for you! On me it’s really pretty bright and definitely on the more intense side! Perhaps your skin tone/natural lip color play a role here?


  4. Konting push pa from you guys and I will be purchasing my first ever Chanel product really soon. Haha. I’m still contemplating though. Should I get lipstick first or blush or eye shadow or whaaaaat lol


    • I wasn’t going to get anything except the cream blush pero si Shari kasi haha πŸ˜›

      What kind of product are you usually drawn to buying? Lipstick, blush or eyeshadow?


      • You guyssssss… we should really go swatching galore sometime! Hihi. Glad to be an enabler(????) I really feel bad I enable such shopping habits… LOL!

        V, I think you have to try lipstick for your first Chanel experience. Pero ang fave product ko talaga from Chanel is the cream blush πŸ™‚ I now have an idea for an entry! Thanks to you guys :* :*


  5. I initially wanted Melodieuse too pero when I tried it on, it looked super bright and nope.. no hint of red! More pinky coral siya. I did like Triomphe a lot, though. DID YOU GET A CREAM BLUSH!? Ahhhh!


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