Just In: Narsissist Eye Palette

Narsissist Eye Palette

My purchase back in January, a belated gift to myself, just got delivered last Monday, the Narsissist Eye Palette. I wanted to post a preview as soon as possible but our internet crashed and with work getting in the way, I couldn’t even until now.

Let me play with this baby first — oh, I intend to — for several days and I’ll be back for a review. In the meantime, here are some photos and swatches to tide you over.

What is it?

Narsissist Eye Palette2

A palette of 15 NARS signature eye shadow shades for creating unlimited artistic effects.

Shades include:

Row 1:

Narsissist Eye Palette row1
Narsissist Eye Palette row1 swatches

All About Eve I: a flesh-toned neutral.
Madrague II: a matte caramel.
Fez: a velvety cocoa.
Bali: a neutral.
Coconut Grove: a deep brown infused with reflections.

Row 2:

Narsissist Eye Palette row2
Narsissist Eye Palette row2 swatches

Madrague I: a matte cream.
Nepal: a soft, sheer rose.
Ashes to Ashes: a shimmery violet-based brown.
Brousse II: a black violet.
Mekong: an espresso infused with gold.

Row 3:

Narsissist Eye Palette row3
Narsissist Eye Palette row3 swatches

Bellissima I: a shimmering beige with subtle glitter.
Lhasa: a lavender grey.
Bad Behavior: a deep pewter.
Dogon II: a charcoal black.
Pandora II: a matte black.

These are still available at Nordstrom and Sephora for $79. I purchased mine thru an online seller here in the Philippines in Instagram, @makeuplush.

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9 thoughts on “Just In: Narsissist Eye Palette

    • That one’s pretty good too I’ve heard but I keep putting off buying it because Sephora still has it even if it’s a limited edition. Does Rustan’s have it?


  1. Hi Nikki! Why do I feel like we instantly have this connection? Haha! Choz! I was planning to get this palette but I’ve heard mixed reviews (mostly bad pa lol), kaya I passed nalang. Waiting for your review, though! 🙂


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