Crazy Love over Corals

Coral Lipsticks3

What’s not to love about a coral lip? Pink-based, red-based or orange-based, you’ve got to admit, they are all beautiful. Perfect for everyday wear and for work. Wear something light at day or go bold at a night out. Either way, coral hues bring a goh-geous! pop of color and brighten up your face.

Whatever the season, the reason (hey, I rhymed!), or the event, I can rely on a coral lip.

Below, I’ll show you my humble collection.

Coral Lipsticks

My most used , therefore my most loved, are Givenchy’s Corail Decollete, MAC Betty Bright and MAC Ablaze. Despite being mattes and a satin, they go quite all right on my lips, provided I exfoliate them carefully. (Which I usually do anyway because my lips are craaazzyy dry.)

Coral Lipsticks4

The one I use the least is the Maybelline Vivids Shocking Coral because it is the most drying on my lips. So drying that I get the dreaded ‘dry spot’ on my upper lip which only happens if I use the most drying mattes (MAC Retro Mattes and NYX Mattes, to name a few). But it’s so long wearing and the shade is just lovely on my lips, I cannot help myself sometimes. It looks neon-like on the photos, noh?

My recent acquisition from this group is Limecrime’s Geradium and Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick in Streak (not pictured). Review for those will be up soon.

There you go, I’m a coral addict. How about you, what’s your favorite lip color at the moment? Your go-to shade?

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13 thoughts on “Crazy Love over Corals

  1. Coral is an awesome shade, because of all the variety! I love Dior’s Diablotine (which I think of as a red coral) – but there are several in your list there that I’d like to get hy hands on! (such as the YSL…I need to try their lipsticks!)


  2. Oh haaaaii, fellow coral fiend! Nice to see your collection! I actually don’t own anything here, although I’ve been eyeing some for a while! My go-to coral is Dior Spring Ball Addict Extreme (it’s my everyday lipstick). For the moment, my coral obsession is Chanel Conquise.


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