I Heart Beauty Bloggers

Yesterday, because of Valentine’s Day, I declared my love for my favorite perfume. Today, I’ll list down the bloggers I greatly admire.

When it comes to the beauty blogging community, I have my favorites as I’m sure you have yours. Below are the ones I visit religiously. If not every day then twice or thrice a week. But I am a bit biased towards Asian ones because their swatches are as close as I can get to my fair, neutral-to-yellowish skin.

  • Lisa Eldridge – If I want a certain look, I browse thru Lisa’s videos and hope to the high heavens I might pull one off. My current frustration since September of last year has been the Jessica Chastain red carpet look by Mary Greenwell. It’s the eyeshadows that I can never seem to master. I’ve pulled every palette I have to match the shades she used on the model but really, no such luck.

No, don’t tell me to buy the same YSL Pure Chromatics Eyeshadow. That thought has already passed by me several times. I’m still on a mission to find the dupes for the eyshadows.

  • Kate from drivel about frivol – I envy her makeup collection. Take a a peek at some of her posts. I think she has the best mixture of high end and drugstore brands. And have you seen her Givenchy Le Rouge collection and the swatches? Man, it’s huge! Being a fellow Le Rouge fanatic, it makes me want to buy more of those lipsticks. If only I can buy them all at one time! *le sigh*
  • Rae from the RAEviewerSunny from Mostly Sunny and Sophia from the make-up blogette – Obsessed with luxury makeup? Well so am I, but I can’t buy them whenever I have the urge to because that would be, erm, everyday. So I get my high-end fix and in my opinion, read the best reviews geared towards Asian women from these three bloggers. From Tom Ford to Chanel to Dior and other brands I can only dream of purchasing. (Sophia has more Asian brands like Suqqu, Maquillage, Ettusais, etc. considering she lives in Singapore)
  • Carina from Softly Sometimes and Shari from The Misty Mom – Last but certainly not the least are these two Filipina bloggers that have caught my attention the past year. Carina with her seemingly increasing collection of LMdBs (those Kaleidoscope palettes have been in my wish list since I began buying makeup online!) and Shari with her animated and humorous way of reviewing her makeup purchases.

Now it’s your turn to share your favorite beauty bloggers. Or maybe Youtube gurus? Do tell me.

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2 thoughts on “I Heart Beauty Bloggers

  1. Lisa Eldridge is my makeup heroine 🙂 I check back on her channel OBSESSIVLEY! 😀

    My blog favourites are Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog for her humour and style, and Christine at Temptalia for the work that incredible woman puts in to make sure we have all the info about all the things. Not to mention the features on her site like the Dupe List and the Foundation Matrix. It’s always my first stop 🙂


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