Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Continuing on with my reviews of drugstore purchases last week, here are my thoughts regarding the concealer from Collection Cosmetics.

I don’t really use concealers all that much except when I haven’t gotten a decent amount of sleep the night before or during breakout season and only a couple of days after when some of my minor post-acne marks are still quite noticeable from a distance. In my experience from other concealers I’ve previously tried , I’ve had to reapply a bit in the middle of the day on spots that need concealing because it had began to fade due to the oiliness of my face.

Enter Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Concealer retailing at Php 299.00. That 16-hour promise was just begging to be tested.

The Promise:

Ultimate wear concealer conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours. Transfer proof and water resistant for full and long lasting coverage. Provides beautiful, shine-free, blemish-free skin for every waking hour.

The Review:

This stuff delivers. I swear! I was out the whole day at work, from 7:30AM until 12MN, and this concealer did not budge, not one bit. I did not need to reapply. I kept checking for signs of fading or cakiness but found none. It is what is says; a full coverage, transfer-proof, long-wearing concealer for a shine-free and blemish-free skin. Not sure about the water proof part. I have to test that one when the weather’s more humid around here. (Or maybe take a dip in a pool, hmm?)

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer swatch

I intentionally blended the concealer on the inside of my wrist from above so you can see how it hid my veins, which is a combination of green and purple ones.

I definitely prefer this to my previous Maybelline concealer on my post-acne marks because of the coverage. It is one of the best concealers out there for someone who’s looking to cover pimple marks and at the same time, on a tight budget. For the bags under my eyes, well that’s a different story, I’m sticking with my newfound ZA concealer.

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13 thoughts on “Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair

  1. OOO this sounds promising! I actually find it easier to cover up imperfections than the under eye area, because mine is a diva! So glad to see this really lasts for 12 hours! Nothing upsets me more than having the zit I want to cover popping back up after a few hours 😉


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