ZA Perfect Fit Concealer: Perfect for Brightening Undereyes

ZA Perfect Fit Concealer

Za Cosmetics is a subsidiary of Shiseido, known for their makeup and skincare products. I’m not surprised by how much rave their products get.

Za is a cosmetic brand designed to support women who desire sophisticated beauty with confidence and vitality admired by everybody. Both Za skincare and makeup products require no special techniques to ensure easy use and simple skincare steps…

Za makeup ensures upgraded natural makeup to make the skin look naturally beautiful.  Za is a brand that offers a-to-z products to draw about your potential to the maximum for more radiant beauty. Za is simple, yet elaborately designed to draw out your unlimited potential with the minimum products to achieve your own a-to z Both skincare and makeup products allow you to produce a variety of finish from natural to dramatic while maxmizing your natural beauty.

The Promise:

ZA Perfect Fit Concealer3

Control your skin tone in just the way you want! Rapidly covers discolored areas, uneven skin tone and other skin concerns.

The Review:

ZA Perfect Fit Concealer2

The main point of this review is this: I found myself using the Za Perfect Fit Concealer (01) best as an under-eye concealer. I don’t know if it has any brightening properties but that’s what it did, it brightened up my under-eye area. Hallelujah! All those sleepless nights back when I still having 24-hour hospital duties did a number to the bags under my eyes. They’re discolored to the point that they have become one of my frustrations. And the problem to hide and de-puff them has had me attempting a number of things (from frozen spoons to chilled cucumber slices — yes I tried them) only to find them at a moot end. Finding a concealer — one that actually works — which looks so natural and does not look cakey is a miracle.

ZA Perfect Fit Concealer swatch

As for post-acne marks and uneven skin tone, they work as well on those areas. Although I haven’t tried it on my pores because I was mesmerized by the magical effect it had on my under-eye area. Seriously, try it on. You’ll be glad you did.

I’m impressed with Za Cosmetics for this product alone. Hmm, what should I try next from their line?

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5 thoughts on “ZA Perfect Fit Concealer: Perfect for Brightening Undereyes

  1. By Corellon, that blends out like a dream! I *wish* I coud find such a concealer in ‘0001 Vampire’!

    Mind you, we do have Za alcoves in Farmers, so maybe I should go check their stuff out!


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