Start of a Beautiful Glossy Affair with Maybelline Lip Polishes

Maybellline Lip Polish

Here’s the thing about my lips. I always, ALWAYS, put on a lip balm before anything else. That’s how dry they are. But for some reason, as I was trying out Maybelline’s new Lip Polishes, I skimped out on my usual Alba Botanica Lip Balm. And mother of all holy, was I amazed by how hydrating they are!

The Promise:

Maybellline Lip Polish2

A trio of concentrates:
1.Potent Color Extracts: Pure saturated color pigments that provide deep intense color like a lipstick.
2.Concentrated Liquid Balm: Moisturizing Liquid Conditioning Balm gets the lips ready for Intensely Rich color. Gives a soft cushiony feel & care to the lips.
3.Glossy Shine Serum: Built-in glossy top-coat, that makes lips look fuller & more luscious.
Specially designed Leaf-shaped applicator which makes application quick precise.

The Review:

Maybellline Lip Polish4

Each lip polish is packaged with a metallic cap and the clear tube is shaped like a lipstick bullet, which I really mistook for lipstick from a distance. The doe-foot applicator is a nice touch to the gloss. You can use the tip to perfect your cupid’s bow and the body to fill out the rest of your lips.

Glam 2 is a pinky-coral shade that’s lovely for an everyday look. Pop 6 is a true red without any glitters in it. Glam 12 looks more like a cool- toned red. Glam 13 is pinky nude, a MLBB shade, which I’ve paired more than once with a smoky eye. (I’ve noticed the shades with ‘Glam’ have microglitters in it.)

Maybellline Lip Polish swatch

These have a balm-like consistency, quite thick but lacking the sticky texture of the usual glosses (eek, hate those!). Pigmentation varies for every shade. The gloss itself lasts for close to 2 hours after which, they leave a slight stain on the lips, with the darker ones, lasting for another 2 hours or so. I experienced a bit of feathering from Glam 12 and some transfer to drinking cups with both Pop 6 and Glam 12. However, all of the ones I tried did not settle into my lip lines. Like I said earlier, there was no need for me to apply any balm before I slip these on. And I don’t have to worry about chapping or peeling lips when I don’t have the time to reapply — also no chapping even with the colder weather here in the Philippines, which I love because they are that hydrating. My favorite of the bunch is Pop 6. I love the color on the tube and the pinky-red stain it leaves behind. I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of these babies!

Below is a photo of the stain left behind after 5 hours from initial swatch.

Maybellline Lip Polish stain

Maybelline has completely won me over with these new polishes! That’s coming from someone who practically does not use a gloss. They’re cheaper compared to most, only Php349.00 a piece, with a more favorable quality. Outside of Asia, I believe they’re called Color Elixirs and the only difference I’ve read so far is that Color Elixirs have a bit of a scent and taste to them while Asia’s Lip Polishes have neither.

Have you tried these from Maybelline?

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10 thoughts on “Start of a Beautiful Glossy Affair with Maybelline Lip Polishes

  1. …you don’t need *any* lip balm?! I, too, am a religious lip balm user, and I find very few products can manage without prepping my lips first. This is impressive 😀

    The shades you have look really great too – especially that Pop one, that looks like a real pick-me-up colour for a grey day 🙂


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