A Minute to Admire My Minuit Diorific

Dior Minuit2

My very first long-wearing red lipstick was from Dior, a Diorific in fact. I got more than 8 hours of wear from it and after taking it off, left a pretty red stain on my lips, still visible the morning after. I had no second thoughts about getting another when Dior released more shades for their Holiday collection last year. For anyone who’s interested, Sephora and Nordstrom still has them on their site retailing at $36.

The Promise:

Dior Minuit

This true color lipstick dresses lips in a ruby red that flaunts a brilliant intensity. As part of Dior’s Holiday Look Collection, it takes its inspiration from the ultimate refinement and splendor of the Palace of Versailles. Its extravagant architecture and French-style garden fascinated the imagination of Christian Dior. The stunning makeup collection reflects the majestic golds and rich colors that dress the palace and its gardens.

The Review:

Dior Minuit3

Minuit, a sparkling cool red, is more of a pink with red undertones based on my swatch. On my lips, it looks more like a cool-toned red with faint shimmer, which is not noticeable unless you look closely. It’s creamy to apply straight from the tube and did not feather throughout the day. It’s non-drying, a plus in my books —  and the reason I keep going back to Dior’s lipsticks. Being pigmented with one swipe is enough for me during daytime in which I’d get at least 4 hours of wear. However at night, I like to get a fuller color with 2 swipes and this lasts me for at least 6 hours, leaving behind a pink stain.

Dior Minuit swatch

It does have a bit of a perfume-y smell to it like the other Dior lipsticks I’ve encountered but all in all, it’s a beautiful color packaged in a golden tube worthy of the price. Thank the heavens the scent is not something I’m averse to.

Have you tried Dior’s Diorific lipstick?

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