MAC Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder and Pleasurebomb Lipstick

MAC Rihanna Holiday1

These two were my last purchases for the year 2013 from Rihanna’s holiday collaboration with MAC. And am I glad I got these!

The Collection:

MAC Rihanna Holiday

Rihanna’s latest creative collaboration with MAC is a series of stunning looks for lips, eyes and face in shades of metallic majesty and confident colour. This limited-edition collection is encased in exclusive white-pearl packaging with RiRi’s iconic rose gold detailing.

The Review:

MAC Love Rihanna

For those disappointed with the bronzer from the Hibiscus Kiss blush duo, you will love the Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder (so much love!). The powder is soft, not chalky and has good pigmentation from one swipe unlike the hard, almost, plastic-like texture of Hibiscus Kiss. The ‘R’ in the center has a copper overspray which is actually disappointing because it’s such a pretty color and is even more lovely when combined with the bronzer. I believe some people will love the copper shade. So don’t brush it off – literally – and enjoy it while it’s still there. I like the packaging better than the collection for Fall. The white and rose gold combination is better compared to the previous pink-rose gold pairing. For those bronzer-crazy ladies out there thinking twice about purchasing it, grab one while there are still available.

MAC Pleasurebomb

Pleasurebomb is unique and lovely in its own right. As a matte fuchsia, it feels creamy on my lips and easier to apply, absolutely no dragging, than the Riri Woo. Truthfully, I think they forgot the word ‘hot’ to describe the color. At first glance, the first words that came to my mind were ‘hot fuchsia’ (mentally followed by the sound of Tsss! as if a drop of water landed on a sizzling hot plate, it’s that hot). I survived a whole day out wearing this without reapplying; a total of 8 hours, leaving behind a stain. I know it’s sold out everywhere. I tried getting backups but unfortunately was unsuccessful.

MAC Rihanna Holiday swatches

What did you get from this collection?


3 thoughts on “MAC Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder and Pleasurebomb Lipstick

    • I was never a bronzer girl myself until a makeup artist suggested I try it out. My friend kept telling me I was so pale so why not? From then on, I was hooked. 🙂


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