My Holiday Essentials

‘Tis the seaso’n to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la…

Christmas may just be assigned a day in the calendar but the holiday festivities is still alive in the air, and people are going out doing more shopping, taking advantage of the new mall time schedules and further store markdowns. I would usually be one of those early in the mall to shop but year after year of being stepped on and elbowed by people has since then swayed me from ever visiting a public place in the midst of an ongoing sale. My bruised feet simply cannot take it. I do not envy those who have the patience and strength to brave the thick crowds and hellish road and mall traffic.

I don’t need much to be in a festive mood this time. As years have gone by, I have learned to buy the things I want as early as November to avoid the holiday rush. Good food and a few choice items can make me holiday ready anytime.

Sweater weather.

Sweater. December in the Philippines can still be pretty hot especially in the mornings. The sun can still be unforgiveable but when the evening rolls in, the wind picks up and the temperature lowers to a much welcome level. Thin sweaters have been my obsessions lately.


Sperry, Suelas and POSH pocket shoes

 Comfortable shoes. I still like to go to the malls, albeit more on the weekdays when there are no crowds to hassle me. A pair of eye candies on my feet certainly keeps me on my toes all day.


Reds for the holidays.

Red lipstick. Nothing like a true red to put you in a mood to party and kick your celebrations up a notch.


Love & Misadventures and Why We Broke Up

Good book. A bookworm without a book? Unheard of! If I were to choose between a free Starbucks coffee and a literary read, I’d pick the latter. No joke.


Belgian chocolates. Yum!

Sweets. I’d be all over a bunch of cupcakes anytime of the day but the holidays are just the right time to gorge on some chocolates, don’t you think?

Friends and friends. What’s a celebration without them?

Well, these are my picks. What are yours?


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