Why do I write?


For years, a friend of mine has been hinting that I turn my personal blog — I had one in Livejournal — into something worth reading by the public — as if I had plans to make my living as a writer. If I did, I would have enrolled as a Literature major in college. Unfortunately, I was neither. I barely had the time to write in it. My hectic schedule was occupied by hospital duties as a medical student, and later as a medical intern. After internship, I focused on getting my medical license and the blog has been abandoned, left to gather virtual dust in its corner. The last time I began to write again was a piece of literature reflecting my frustrations over an application for hospital residency training. My feelings over the matter had me at my wits end. But letting the words flow thru paper got me the relief I sought. The following year I applied again and was introduced to a fellow doctor undergoing residency training who would travel during the weekends. He would then write about his travels on his own personal site. It got me thinking about my love for writing. If he can maintained a travel blog for so long, I can certainly write online again can’t I?


One thought on “Why do I write?

  1. This is how I started (beauty) blogging too. I was studying for the cpa boards, and eventually worked for an auditing firm. I had to find a hobby that’s almost totally not related to what I’m doing for a living. 4 years later, I’m still at it. And it kept me sane 🙂


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